hey. i have guitar pro 5, and i've been using it for a while. my questions are,
how do you recognize palm muting and hammer on/pull off.
palm muting is when you hear that the note is shorter and kind of chunky (i can't really explain it), hammer on/pull off is a bit harder, but it just sounds more fluent than when you just pick every note
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basically what poipoi said except, when you master those skills like palm mute, hammer-on/pull-off, you transcribe it by ear and you can hear the distinct difference between not palm muting/ho-po's and striking the note normally. listen to lamb of God's song "hourglass". In The Intro listen to the open string. Very different from striking an open string. Mix it up man. Good luck
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sorry i must have not made myself clear... i know what's palm muting , hammer on and pull of, my question was , if i download here a guitar pro TAB, when i read it, how would i recognize PM , or hammer on/ pull of... it doesn't say 'PM' or so.. nor does it say for instance - 2h4p2
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