Me and my friend are trying to start a band so I decided to try playing standing up. However, when I start to pick fast, the guitar shakes and does hell for my picking and timing. Any hints would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. It's a **** strap, so maybe that's my prob!
well when you dont stand up and play for a while its hard to do everything you usually do sitting down. Zakk Wylde has to play standing up 2 weeks before going on tour. Just always practice standing up, and then eventually youll be fine.
i always practice standing now, cos when you put a strap on after playing sitting down for months hitting the first frets are a bitch on your wrist.
and when you practice standing it dosn't throw off your playing while you sit
Make sure the guitar is in the same position on your body standing up as it is sitting down.

I'm not quite sure how your guitar is "shaking" .
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if you are leaning back or in an awkward position when practicing sitting down then its hard to play standing up, either always practice standing up or keep your back straight etc....