i bought a new guitar last month
its a vintage av2s tele copy

i love the guitar and it sounds great but there are definitely more hollow cavities in the body than usual as the guitar is really light.

but the neck still weighs the same so the guitar ends up slipping down so the neck is pointing to the floor so i have to hold the neck up which is quite uncomfortable

i am using a cheap nylon strap could a better strap help sort this out?
if not any ideas what else could?

thanx in advance
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i think the same thing happens with SG's. If its a copy, the body may be made from cheaper lighter wood. As long as it sounds ok, it shouldn't matter, and no, a new strap won't help
A new strap would help. Ones with more friction that you can balance better would help.
ANother option would be to move the strap button(some hardware mdification required).
Otherwise you get these straps that are almost like suspenders. I forget what they're called, but they deffinitely hold a guitar up
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