So I'm planning on getting some extra credit for one of my TV classes and figure ill do some live editing in the class to show the students how Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 works.

Well I need to start off with some video (aka "B-Roll") and have no idea what I should even start filming around the area.

nothing is really happening at this time...other that Halloween and cold weather.
I guess there may be something happening at the college but thats around 25 minutes away from my house and I would be better off trying to get some B-Roll around my place first.

Any suggestions?

I am the only one working here so I'll have a tripod and one camera. So I guess filming someone else or something else would be best...

v Looking for serious replies....something I can work with in class...
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happyslap your principal
google it people....
B-Roll is just unedited video taken with your every day video camera.

I'm looking to film something out of order which I will be able to edit in class and put it into an order that seems....correct.

I just got back from driving around with the cam mounted at the dashboard but I guess it doesn't help because its not anything I can put into any proper order.

I guess I can try some how-to type video on basic driving but I would need someone else to help doing the driving while I filmed.