Just recently bought a 1994 40th Anniversary Strat, but it's actually a 93. From what I've figured out, they started making them in December 93, so there are some that have 93 serial numbers. The guitar is in great shape, with just a few light scratches and marks here and there. The neck is real satiny and it's comfortable as anything.

Anyways, a pic and a short clip. Keep in mind, I've only been playing guitar for a little more than a year, and I still suck... :S


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That's really nice. I love the red/maple color combo. With a pearloid pickguard and some custom handwound pickups, it would be perfect
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Nice. What amp are you playing that through?
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Cool man, your not actually bad for a year, improving is a pretty tough thing for a year because you usually get all caught up in one frame of a scale.

But on to the strat, good buy!

I just wanna ask, where did you get it, pawn shop or music store, and how much?

I can't wait until I find a steal at a pawn shop, haven't yet though :/

I second on the perloid pickguard!!!
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^ I got my Strat in 2001 brand new for $600. It's great when they discontinue colors

You're not really going to find pawn shop steals much anymore. Pawn shop owners are pretty savvy. You're better off trying Craig's List or eBay.
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That is the exact same as mine I think, but with a maple neck

And no Lace sensors
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I bought it from the local GuitarCenter for $700 with the original case. The Assistant Manager is a fairly good friend, and he dropped $100 off what he was gonna ask. He had bought it the same day, but got the original receipt from the guy so was able to get it out of the Police Hold early.

$700 seems like the right price, and it's a discontinued color. I've only found one other one that was the same color, but it had a rosewood fretboard. Its on eBay right now and the seller is asking $800 for it, but I've see the Anniversary Strats on eBay for $650-$750.

The amp is a Crate Palomino V8. It's a cheap 5W Tube that sounds fairly good (But I'd like to replace the tubes in it). Gain was set at 2 or 3 on the amp, and I had the gain way up on a Maxon OD-9 for the rhythm, and had it at about 1oc for the lead stuff to give a little bit of OD.

Before I played this guitar, I thought of myself as more of a Gibson and Humbucker fan. But with this beauty, I'm really loving the sound. And it is so freakin comfortable to play. Love having the belly scoop, since I've got a big belly... :S You can tell it's been played a bit as the neck is just satiny smooth, but there's not much wear on the frets. It's been well taken care of and just has a great sound. Was hard to beat the price for an American Strat that just looked, felt, and sounded so good.

'52 RI Fender Tele Hot Rod (*drool*)
(93) 1994 40th Anniversary Fender Strat (American)
Michael Kelly Patriot Q in Amberburst
Marshall JCM2000 DSL401
Crate V8 Palomino 5W Tube Combo
That thing looks beautiful, love the red and maple.. good choice
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