i just got a acoustic guitar a couple days ago, so yesterday i messed around some with it, maybe total an hour or so of playing throughout the day maybe 2 at the most. today i got my guitar out gonna pratice some more and which i knew my fingertips would get sore till callouse builds up, but when i try to make the C chord my first finger is sore when i bend it to get it in position, its either the knuckle in the middle of the finger or between that knuckle and the other one at the tip of the finger. is this normal? so far out of the 3 chords i've been playing C, G, D it only hurts when i try C and when i just curl my fingers like making a fist, it hurts. it don't hurt so bad that i can't curl my finger, but it does hurt. i was just wondering if this is normal when learning or is it something more serious?

its different with everybody...my fingers hurt alot when i started playing accoustic...but my fingers got used to doing the chords so...ya...dont know what to tell ya
Is this the first guitar you've ever played, or did you used to play electric before? When I first started playing guitar, it was on an acoustic, and I could only practice for about 15 minutes at a time, and when I started learning barre chords my hand would hurt even more. I found that after practicing for around 15 minutes or so, just holding, or transitioning between, chords that running my left hand under some cold water for a minutes really helped. Just an idea, it worked OK for me, but the pain is definitely not going to go away until you build up some hand strength and calluses. Also, if you are new to guitar, make extra sure that you're positioning your wrist and fingers correctly; guitar teachers are always talking about how improper form can really strain the muscles in your hand.
Good Luck!
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this is my first guitar in about 8 years, i had an electric then, but i didn't really learn anything or if i did, i done forgot all about it, LOL. but this is my first acoustic, and i've read that their a little ruffer on the fingers, dunno if thats true, and also i don't remember how sore my fingers got when i had an electric, so i can't really compare.
I've been playing for about a year, and for the last month or so i have noticed that my pinky on my playing hand (left hand) is considerably weaker then right hand pinky. Also when i straighten my left pinky out completly its crooked. Also it stiffens and snags when trying to close it. I've been given advice to put it in a splint ,but it would go back to how it was most likely. It is becoming a problem and makes it hard to push on strings because of the flimsiness. I would rather not have surgery if there is any other way to fix this problem.
thread starter. you have pain because you are using muscles you have never used before. so that is normal. but DO NOT play through the pain. all the muscles, ligaments, tendons, blah blah blah, are very small and will damage very easily. playing through the pain can cause tendonitis. apart from losing an arm, its a guitarists arch enemy.
just do some warm up stretches before you play bend your fingers back til you feel tension then hold it. bend your wrist back til tension is felt. hold it. it wont eliminate soreness, but it will help.
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a lot of artists snort some pain pills before playing. i hear it's because their fingers hurt