Ok, I have a Mexican 70s strat re-issue that i've recently customised with a single coil sized Dimarzio Tone Zone in the bridge. I want the tuning to be a bit more stable cos i play stuff from Hendrix to Pantera and the vintage whammy aint cut out for that kind of abuse!
I was thinking about a floyd but that would require routing, and i think the supervee looks way to bulky on the nut side of things-also i want to keep the vintage style machines without having to replace them with locking heads. So i guess the option is a locking vibrato with a locking nut, but are there any decent 'separates' out there!?
I know this sounds heavy but i'd appreciate some help!
I would purchase a seperate guitar with a locking trem like an Ibanez RG as a backup.
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HipShot Trem Setter?
Keeps most trem systems in tune alot better.

Sorry, didn't realise you were wanting heavy trem abuse.
Possibly a Kahler of somesort or flush mount the floyd rose so it doesn't require routing.
Maybes even a Whammy! Pedal instead?
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