In about 2 months, i have to play a song in front of my class at school at need some (good) suggestions on what to play. The song has to be instrumental, between 3-5 minutes long and not too hard because i have only been playing guitar for about 9 months.
What sort of styles do you like? Favourtie bands?
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I hear Surfing with the Alien by joe satriani recommended a lot here, so try that maybe.
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House of the rising sun? I'm not sure. If it's at school it depends if you're trying to make a statement or if you want to be 'accepted' by them. Just listen to different artists and pick something that means something to <I>you</I>. It will show in the way you sing it if you can relate to the lyrics.
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there aren't a lot of instrumental songs that you'll be able to play after 9 months... I guess you could try Always With Me, Always with you- Joe Satriani, but you'll need to practice it like hell.