Right, want to change my epi les paul custom
its a great feeling guitar, and i like to play it, but want to change it
i don't want to refinish it, as i like the black, but i want to change the hardware from gold to silver, change the pickups etc...

List of parts from guitarfetish below

Bridge: http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/labutustchbr.html
AND http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/chsttawimost.html

Tuners: http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/3x3gosttuovb.html

Straplocks http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/paofchstlost.html

Pickguard bracket: http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/lespapimobrw.html

Toggle Switch: http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/usastlespato1.html

Bridge Pickup: http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/alfatpafbohu1.html
Neck Pickup: http://yhst-50206111187217.stores.yahoo.net/alfatpafbohu1.html

Just wondering will this improve it in any way?
including postage to the UK, it comes to about £80 ($160)

thanks in advance
it will b silver not gold (y)

and depends if you do it the right way
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Quote by PunkRocka182

and depends if you do it the right way

Do it the right way?
sounds good, except when I was considering fat PAF's from guitar fetish, forsaknazrael and XibanezedgeX both recomended either getting vintage '59's from guitar fetish for both positions, or a fat PAF in the bridge and 59 in the neck...
The GFS pups are great, but there hareware is cheap. I replaced my bridge and tail stop, with in a week of playing, the gold look like it was 20 years old. This work out well for me because the guitar is old.
Just a heads up.
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Y'know, you might not want to spend all that money just yet. You my find that the stock pickups sound just fine with new amp, but new ones won't really do anything with your current one.

Well if i'm changing the hardware, i'll have to change the pickups anyway as they are gold, and the hardware will be siver. so it won't match
Does it really matter if they don't match?
U can just buy pickup covers. New pickups would cost too much if u want an improvement in sound thru ur new amp. But, if u get a new amp quite soon, id say its worth it.
I actually WOULD get new pickups, despite what qotsa1998 says
they Epi stock are mediocre and new pickups will make a big change
and as for your question, changing the parts to gold will not "improve" the guitar for the most part, unless you get a high quality nickel bridge and tailpiece (plated gold of course)
that'll increase the sustain and resonance. the stock Epi tailpiece+bridge are plated copper BTW.