What are encore guitars like? Also are they they cheap version of some other company? Like Squire and Fender?
they're the worst guitars you could ever put your hands on, i have one, bad hardware, terrible wood, crappy pickups, the make both strats and les paul copies, but they are really really bad
nope their just a cheap company.

i own a low end encore and its pretty bad, but i've never tried the more expensive ones.
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no, encore guitars copy shapes of guitars that is it. They are not great quality, i think squire are better, so are just for beginners and will notice how poor they are after a few months or so.
I got one as my first guitar and its a dog, gonna fix it up, but only cos it was my first
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What about Stagg guitars?

Better, but squire will still do better.
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I owned an encore guitar as my first guitar and it actually fell apart, the socket droppe dout completely, the pickups fell into the body and the electrics all crapped out on me ......
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The Pacifica is way better, Encore are really cheap and nasty
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i use my encore strat all the time, its light and sounds great. although the neck doesnt line up with the strings lol
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How does a Yamaha Pacifica 112 compare to an Encore strat copy?

Pacifica's are really nice and bettter than encore.
Played one at work exp.
Youd probably be better off learning on a guitar made of a shoebox and rubberbands
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And, encore guitars aren't all that great, I'd say Pacifica would be your best bet.
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Pacifica would probably be your best choice in that price range
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