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-Yeah, I drink-

15 bottles of champagne,
Empty, Broken and laying on the floor
I can not see the things I'm doing,
For I can not predict the future anymore than you

Its another bottomless night,
In the bottled world of alcohol
Nothing's going right,
Still I try make things better than they are

Nine beers,
Fourteen shots
And a couple swigs of whiskey
Twelve hours,
Four asprin,
And then a few more beers

Its another bottomless night,
In the bottled world of Alcohol
Nothing's going right,
Still I try to make,
The room stop spinning
My job im quitting
My life cant much worse
But still I drink
Fourteen Shots,
Nine Beers and a Swig of old school scotch
I wait 14 hours,
Take 2 asprin
But still I hit the floor

-Hypocrisy, Please and Thank You-

What are we to do, when the pretentious
Pretenders sit and watch;
As the sinner’s sinner keeps himself afloat?
While the woman on the street shivers for want of a coat.
All while a lady and her kids walk by,
Four stomachs running dry.

“Welcome, Hope you came expecting greatness,
…you’ve walked into our presence.”
“I came for help.”
“We don’t offer that here… it down the street under
The liquor sign.”

Yet the hypocrites boast,
About the words that they say,
And the deeds they’ve never done.
Always claiming they work in the name of God’s son.
Their empty compassion spreading wide,
Their humbleness always in hide.