Just wondering, if anyone knows where to get one cos i'm looking for one but i cant find a very good one, and if you already have one, what's it like?
the only electric ukes I've ever seen were rediculously over priced. I wasn't willing to shell out the $1000 they wanted so I went to radioshack and got a 1/4" output jack and a piezo buzzer and made my acoustic uke an acoustic electric for about five bucks, and it works great...

Actually, I found a good site a while back which sold them for a couple of hundred dollars. Type in 'buy ukulele online' and browse.
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.......I want to make a screamo ukelele metal band now.....

haha my friend had a ukulele in guitar class and I was like "you should put a pickup in that and get a halfstack and play metal on it!"