Posted a new recording on the myspace.. no vocals but does have drums, bass, guitar and a little background keys action.. but if you've heard my other stuff, it's not like that, i was trying to do something different for me and i'm kinda iffy about it

there are some aspects i like and then some that i don't, but anyway.. you guys go check it out and let me know what you think

also leave a link for your music and i'll give you a crit too.. thanks



Quick question, what's the title of your new song? Is it the sexy rock song?

If so, I thought it was pretty cool. It reminded me of the Clash. I'm no expert on bass, but I thought it was really cool. The guitar was good too. The chords were interesting, and it was kind of dark overall. I think that's what made me think of the Clash. I liked the second half too, it was really interesting. It'd be a really great song with some cool vocals in there. I'm thinking something like the guy from Clash. Clash like vocals would be awesome in the song.

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haha how many times did you mention the Clash in that post.. hah that's cool man, glad you liked it.. I'm kinda iffy on it and got lazy with it, but overall I like it too.. going to crit yours now

and yes, that's the name of the song.. no particular reason.. no vocals = no title in particular

I liked it, it was kind of like a good chill song but at the same time it was rocking, I like how the song built up in the beginning. I think it would sound really good with vocals too. Sorry I couldn't crit more, I don't really have anything else wrong with it or anything lol. Crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=702475
glad you liked it man, thanks for the crit, going to yours now..