Hi guys,

I am Ultimate-Guitar's newest interview contributer and looking to write regular interviews focusing on metal! My next scheduled interview is with ALL SHALL PERISH. I always like to give fans a chance to ask some questions, so if you have anything feel free to reply here.

Thanks for the questions so far guys, I will try make sure they are answered. As far as I know I am interviewing the guitarists and drummer, but I will make sure anything related to any of the members will get answered!

PS - I will also be interviewing Shai Hulud, for questions on that band: http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=702862
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Quote by punk_metal
When you gunna write decent music?
jks i love all shall perish

Whens next album?


Perhaps "when are you guys going to start being original?".
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^More original than half the bands there are in any scene today man. Seriously.

Also, ask him if they have plans for an Aussie tour. Considering we don't get much decent music.
i think all shall perish sound pretty original, really melodic riffs they dont sound like typical deathcore e.g. !as blood runs black! compared to !at the throne of judgment! who sound like clones of each other.
assk them if they will stay 7 string on the next album.
Also if they got plans for a uk tour

Also ask them to rate my cover of day of justice
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