This is my MIM Strat which i love to play but im getting a bit bored with the look and every1 else has some strat copy anyway, i wanted mine to look a bit different so i was thinking of gold hardware, i know where to get screws from but the two main things i would need to make it gold would be
  • Fender Schaller American Series Tuning Machines Gold
  • American Series Stratocaster Bridge Tremolo Assembly Gold

I live in the UK and theres no shops that will sell these, so in general how much would these two together cost and would it really be worth it?
Maybe if WD Music or some place like Musicians Friend can ship there, or get some1 to ship it there for you, i think the Schallers are about $70. id go with Grovers. Still very nice, and are a bit cheaper. As for the trem, i think its gonna be $100 maybe. But a guitar with gold hardware w/out a gold bridge, it looks rather bad.

IMO, insted of new hardware, id go for a new pickguard. Maybe parchment or cream-colored would look nice. And with all cream plastic parts, it would look nice and a bit vintage. not too much looks amazing on a wine red Strat. Maybe blck with black plastic, but idk if thats too great.
Hmm i dunno why vintage cream coloured pickgaurd and cover stuff never really appeal to me, damn the bridge is quiet expensive...