Cheers. I'm new here, so go easy

I've been playing guitar quite a long time now, and the love for it has never worn off, more of the opposite.

Recently though, as I was visiting my parents', I was suprised to see/hear my dad, a sworn classical guitarist playing that funny looking instrument made famous by the toothless, inbred beastiality-lovers of the american midwest, called the 5-string Banjo

Of course I wanted to give it a try aswell, and really got into the introduction book that had came with the banjo, containing songs in different styles, (such as frailing, clawhammer, bluegrass and whatnot) and covering a skill scale from the very basics to the challenging bluegrass figures. I really started to like playing the instrument as a nice variety to guitars, mainly because of the fun and unique sound it has

Anyone else have experiences of the 5-string banjo as a "secondary" instrument, with guitar being the primary? I found the banjo style of fretting of chords and fingerpicking to be very different from guitar-playing, yet fast to learn in the basics and hard to master
Overall, very cool to have an alternative as fun and cool-sounding as the only "real" kind of Banjo.
Here's a real classic
Info on the Banjo
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Don't You mean American South? Anyway I've Always Wanted To Be Able To Play The Banjo, So I Can Rightfully Use the Phrase "Yee-Haw!!"

I'd like to "yeehaw" a bit too much when playing the darn thing

american south, midwest... I guess I should've mentioned the enslaved africans :P
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Too difficult to find a lefty one, and I can't either reverse string a righty one. $hit.
i've messed around with one at the local guitar store, they're fun. correct me if i'm wrong, but is the tuning E(high E)ADGB, does that sound right?
Nope, it goes gDGBD for the most typical or G tuning.

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my brother's a pretty good banjo player. ive tinkered around with it, but i dropped trying to really learn it in favor of the piano.
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banjo was so hard... its in my local Guitar Center's acoustic room. and i picked it up, didn't jack **** about it, so i put it back. i think it happens a lot?
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I picked one up at the guitar center the other day.The damn thing musta weighed 40lbs.I would have done some plinking around on it but there was too many people in the guitar room.Did,nt want to freak them out.
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Nope, it goes gDGBD for the most typical or G tuning.

yep, that's right, Open G is the most usual tuning. But there are alternatives aswell.
With open tunings you're pretty much restricted to the key it's tuned in (G), but of course you can barre and use capos for another keys.

Goddamn I had a problem with the F and D chords

They weigh like a motherfucker, yeah :|
Another thing that's weird is that you have to keep it in the center of your lap, and the damn thing kept sliding all the time. solved this with a patch of that tape they put on hockey sticks
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