Hey, I've been thinking of buying this guitar:


I've only heard good things about the higher enders of bc rich, but i was wondering what you guys think about em? It seems pretty solid specwise, but i dunno.

Also, if anyone could tell me if the top is a thin maple veneer, or a solid maple chunk, that'd be great.
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For a BC Rich it's pretty nice.
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In general with BC Riches, for the price of a certain model, you can easily find other guitars that will outdo them for the same or less
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I don't know about the top, but that's a pretty cool guitar. Just try it out first, it's got a chunky neck.
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im pretty sure, cause i know that they use a lot of veneers, like for the exotic series of guitars. and there is a whit trim around the top of the guitar to maybe hide the edge of the veneer with.
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for that money you could do better

thats a pretty awesome guitar but i agree with Stephen_rettie
I played one of those at the Guitar Center near me that was marked down to $400, it was pretty nice, and certainly better than an epiphone or whatever in the same price range, but for $700, you could get a schecter hellraiser or C1, an import PRS, or a bunch or other nicer guitars.
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That is a very nice BC Rich, Check Guitar Center. I was looking at a Black Mockingbird Special that was marked down to $390.00. It was brand new just marked down I must have stopped by and played it a dozen times and when I finnally decide to bite someone beat me to it. I called a couple other Guitar Centers and the one that had them didn't have them marked down yet but when they checked they were supposed to be marked down. I ended up getting amint NJ neck thru one in dragons blood red used with two duncan pups and FR that I liked better and for about $120.00 cheaper. I went to the other GC to get the special and saw that hanging on the wall it was like a magnet! LOL

looks sexy, just make sure you have a strap to go with it (or a metal plate in your chest)