Im looking for some moderately advanced riffs that i can use to practice mixing my rhythm playing and lead lines, i'm thinking in the general vein of 5th chords mixed with shred riffing and solo licks (classic rock kinda stuff)

Can anyone suggest any song that would be good to enhance this kind of playing?
Eddie Van Halen was great at mixing lead and rhythm stuff. Try the Van Halen cover of You Really Got Me, or for the true Classic Rock stuff, try stuff by The Who. It's not exactly shreedding, but stuff like Won't Get Fooled Again.
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^ +234875326 van halen is your man, check out the cover of pretty woman too
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thanks guys van halen looks good, cray train isnt quite what im lookin for but almost, any more suggestions?
Dunno 5th chords, but old 1991-1994 Carcass is horribly intricate, and their solos are based off minor pentatonic and blues minor pentatonic, its very melodic, but pretty brutal, dunno if you're into that though.