So what do you guys know about it? Its looks awesome and I heard it sounds great too. I like the big body and I'm sure it has a nice neck too although I am not sure what kind of finish is on the neck. I know the Schecter Stellito neck has that laquer finish that slows you down... don't too much care for that. I also heard this bass has a deep, warm sound to it kinda like a Jazz bass but "hotter".

The other things I like about it is the bridge, the finish, the pups,and that its an active bass. So what do you think about this bass? I dought I could find it used so I might have to buy it new which wouldn't be too bad but still, a used bass is usually never a bad thing. Oh and if anyone knows what kind of strings it comes with that would be helpful.


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the stilletto neck is probably the best neck ive ever played on

Yea I have heard its good but that the finish holds it back.
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I have the BTB556MP. Great basses, fast and very thin neck, you can get tons of different sounds out of the Bartolinis. As for the strings, Ibanez basses ship with Elixirs.
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I have a higher model BTB 5 string and my friend has that model with 6 strings. They're both great basses. They have standard size necks, not as thin as those on the Ibanez Soundgears. With the big body, 35 inch scale, set-in neck, and seperate-string bridge it sounds a lot different than more common electric basses. The tone is really warm and organic, and less metallic. Mine came with elixirs on it, which I think sound too bright and metallic and I don't think they compliment the bass well but I'll let you decide that for yourself.
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The btb's are pretty sweet! Thru neck and separate string bridge gives it a nice sustain. I quite like the btb neck its nice and wide so you can get suber clean slappin' .
The tone is very warm and has HEAPS of low end and crystal highs!
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Yea I have heard its good but that the finish holds it back.

i think you should try it on your own before you completely disregard the schecter
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i think you should try it on your own before you completely disregard the schecter

I think you should leave the man alone about the Schecter...

I've been considering that very BTB for my 5-string purchase, very nice bass. However, I'm pretty short so the massive body would look ridiculous on me. Oh well
I played that exact bass a long time ago. One of my friends owned it in high school. It was amazing. He had that and an ashdown electric blue 130 watt amp. It sounded sooo good.
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