Hey guys/gals.

I'm seeking to get rid of my 6 string fretless washburn XB600.

Now this isnt the Made in Korea newer models, this is MADE IN AMERICA.

Its a '94 I think, Washburn serial numbers are odd like that, meaning its either a '84 or '94, but the chance of it being an 80's model are VERY slim.

Its a dark green transparent finish over an ash body, two J style pickups (not the big humbuckery kinds they have now), active circuitry for them, rosewood fretboard with maple strips where the frets were, on an oiled maple neck.

One thing I've noticed about these models going for second hand is the lack of either the electronics (being converted to passive) or a trussrod cover, this one has both.

£350-400 ONO, or trades, if you have anythign interesting.

Buyer pays shipping, UK Only, I would prefer manchester/able to travel to manchester centre for a pickup.
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