So this morning I'm walking casually down the stairs with my guitar in hand. However, somebody must have thought it was ufnny to put powder on the stairs. To sum it up... I feel a bit, but my guitar fell harder >_>

So later today I tried playing it. The E string was unplayable almost, and couldnt be tuned right. And my B string had a problem (also the E string had this)

When I started playing the lower frets, it can't be played on those strings. Like from the 9th fret on, no sound comes out of it. Just the sound of the string. I cant describe things that well... but it's as if you put on a new string, don't turn the tuning peg, and try to play it like that.. all loose and unplayable.

When I got home I thought it was the string, but then I remembered what happend this morning. Any idea whats wrong?
lol you forgot that you fell this morning?
No idea thought, check the angle of the neck, its probably out of whack
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If it is a bolt on neck, try tightening screws thas hold neck to body.
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Tune it? Or restring it and see what happens then.
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I'd just take it to a guitar dude. I've learnt too many times not to do stuff myself even if I'm instructed because I mess it up. A couple of months ago I accidentally erased the entirety of my computer hard drive. You might be, and probably are, less clumsy than me but it's best not to risk it.
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Seriously wtf was that?
I did restring it and tune it, smae issues. And the first 2 strings won't stay in tune for 5 friggin seconds...

Ill try the other suggestions though.

And as far as taking it to some professional guy.. meh. It's a crappy starter guitar that came in a package, I was planning on getting a new guitar next week. But still.. I wanted to practice <.<
most likely the neck is screwed up. All the more of an excuse to get a new guitar sooner.
Depending on how it landed you may've damaged the truss rod (or just it's settings) and general neck alignment.

I'd take it in though, because this could require some sort of 'magic touch' that only an experienced guitar tech would have.
You could have loosened the tuning pegs.

Check the tuning pegs. If they're loose, tighten them if you can.

If you jostled the truss rod, check your neck curvature by fretting any string at the highest and lowest fret at the same time, and check to see how much space you have between the string and frets. If you can fit the thickness of printer paper in there, it should be fine.

The neck angle could've been changed, and I'm not sure how you would go about fixing that, unless your guitar has some kind of micro-tilt system.

You can ask some guitar techs to see what the issue is for free.
Every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you
Find whoever put the powder on the stairs and kick their ass, then have them replace the guitar.
Hold the headstock with your thumb on the right side, index finger on the left side. Lift the guitar up like this vertically with the body resting on a soft surface (a bed, a couch). Now take your free hand and knock on the backside of the neck, from the 1st to the last fret. If you hear a distuingished rattling noise, your truss rodd is broken.

If that's not the case your probably lucky and can take it to a luthier to get it repaired, whatever is wrong with it.