And I have no idea wtf I need to make it work.

I have this

Guitar > Effects > Amp > Amp Mic > Mixer > Speaker

The box says something about needing an A/B switchbox along with an Amp Head and a seperate speaker and... ugh, you get my point.

How can I make this thing work without spending too much money? How can I make it work at all?
My basic understanding of it is that you run a seperate signal (from a splitter box maybe) into the pedal, in which the sound is produced from your mouth with the toob and then into a mic, which is then amplified so you can hear the effects of the talk box
Question. Could I use an amp emulator such as the GT2 from Tech21 instead of an amp head?
do you have an amp head rather than a combo?
as far as i'm aware you need a seperate head
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you don't need a seperate head
the talkbox goes in like like an attenuator would
between the amp and the cab
and when you turn it on it diverges the power from the speakers to that little speaker in the box up the tube to your mouth
then you mic your mouth and put that mic trhough the pa system
that's how the dunlop talkbox works
I wouldn't use it... they aren't very safe.
Heils have a small chance of blowing your head (or amp) if you use them.

For the Heil it goes Head --> Heil --> Cab. You can also connect it by using the plug from the back of your combo (if it has the ability) where is says internal speaker or words to that effect.

Anyway, the Heil can blow your head if the contacts inside get dirty and alter the impedance of the signal carried from the head... not sure on the exact science behind it but you would be better off trading it for something that runs infront of your amp... they do sound pretty damn good though.
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this product came with a manual showing how it should be hooked up and explaining it as well.

be sure to read all the warnings in the book so you dont run any risk of damaging your new talk box or your amp.

as stated above, these type TBs are risky and i as well dont trust them
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I'm pretty sure there isn't a chance of blowing up your amp with new talk boxes. Also i think there is a way of running the dunlop one without having a head and combo, I'd email Dunlop and ask about it. Talk boxes are seriously cool, you should try to make use of it if you can
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I'm trying really hard to use it. It'll add layers upon layers of my sonic arsenal haha.

But basically from what I'm seeing, if I don't have a head and an amp combo I'm screwed... right?
you can use it
just put it between the amp and speaker
they are very dangerous for amps though
i would look into a banshee
they run infront of your amp
put you still need a pa
don't get the danelectro
i had one
it sucked
But you see, I mic my amp. It doesn't direct out into ANY speakers. I mic the speaker, which then runs to the mixer, which then goes to the speakers. Ya follow?
some combo amps have a small wire at the back of the rig which lets you unplug and that plug connects between your amps "head" and speaker which are in one box in a combo amp.

now if your amp has this feature you can use the TB you have but if not i also suggest the Rocktron banshee as it runs in front of the amp.


as for a mic, the Shure SM57 works great with a TB because the ball end of most mics make the tube go off to one side where-as the slim SM57 lets the tube stay in a good position.