im goin to guitar center soon and im gonna buy a strap. I want one less than 20 dollars for my acoustic, and I want to tie it around the nut. Any suggestions?
Get a wide strap if you are planning on standing for a while while playing. The wider the strap, the more support it is on your back meaning it won't strain your shoulders as much.
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well i was lookin at cotton straps like http://www.guitarcenter.com/Dunlop-D-38-Solid-Guitar-Strap-365005-i1130658.gc

and does anyone know if it will be more expensive in the store than on the online store?

Don't do it. Get a wider strap. Padded is even better. I got a Levys leather strap from GC. The one with the stitched flames on it. The wide section is fairly padded.

Trust me, your back and shoulders will thank you.