Im currently trying to learn to play wonderwall by oasis but i understand the chords but im confused by the strumming patterns, i found on one video that teaches to play the song the patterns, and its says something like...

down down down (eight notes)
down up down up down up (sixteen notes)
and so on

I dont understand what the eight notes thing is about, or the notes part in general.

And can someone explain the strumming pattern to this song in general or give a link or something.

Thanks in advance
Just listen to it, don't get caught up in stupid tabs and strumming patterns, play along with the record and you'll get it right eventually.
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make it sound like this

edit: lol im such an ass


naw its like

down root down down up down up
down up up down up down
down up down up down up
down up down up down up

something like that
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