i really can't choose between those two, they're both have great reviews on Harmony-central. I like the look of the korg but i prefer the size of the digitech. The rp350 has more effects (especially the whammy) and the korg... well... you tell me wich should i choose
BTW i like RHCP, Guns & R, Velvet R. Green Day, Foo Fighters, so i don't need the so much wanted metal distorsion

P/S Sorry for my bad english
is a cheap amp, Wenstone, national brand (Argentina). I thinking of getting a better one soon but first i want a multiFX
sorry if i'm way behind here, but i own a Digitech RP350 and, although its fun to play with, it just doesn't sound good..
for fans of...

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korg - more overall control

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I saw an RP350 at the pawn shop yesterday for $150. It was fairly beat so I took a look and continued to browse.

u can be creative with this pedal a bit but the settings conflict with eachother sometimes . u can make tones with this but if u got a tone in ur mind. you are outa luck u cant really dial in ur fav artist tone ass with a korg . digitech sux DiveRightIn63 is correct
Go with the Korg. It doesn't sound as digital, thin, and weak as the Digitech unit. The Korg has a few really cool effects that you won't find in other floor units. The distortion and OD on the Korg is pretty nice too, not buzzy and thin like the RP. You can do a lot of tweaking with the AX3000G, so look over the manual.
the older series of digitechs like the rp50, 100 etc.. were pretty awful.. but at the time they did the trick. i still use one for quiet practice, but for anything else i wouldn't recommend it.

hell even for practice i'd go for the korg or a zoom.
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yea the rps do the trick but just dont sound gig/recording worhty. you might as well get a rp-80 and save a ton of money. im assuming they sound similar.
btw i had a rp 80 and a epi valve jr and it sounded great for what it was.
I have a Korg AX3000G.

I like it, it works really good when used to enhance an amp, not so much when used alone though. I don't really care for it without an amp.
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It's pretty simple to choose between these 2 pedals. IF you want to be creative, buy the Korg. If you are a poser, most posers pretend to play metal, then buy the RP350 and sound like everybody else. THe Korg's guitar synths sounds put it in a class above ALL the rest.
Korg, I decided for one now actually This Digitech looks and sound like unprofessional toy with look from 80s
I agree...........ANY multi-effects "sucks" when YOU are using it. LOL Take my advice.......work harder, play harder music, drop the gimmicks and embrace digital technology. Unless you do, you won't last more than a few years..........while those of us who sell out to talent and THE MUSIC, play our entire lives. and btw......my current band has been together with the same 3 members for 22 years so far....mostly because we play the hardest music we CAN...........dozens of RUSH songs.....and originals, of course.
and uh........save your breath..........we already know, that to YOU....RUSH sucks. LOL hint:they will til you get good enough to play RUSH. and on the other hand, PEACE to all my brothers and sisters who ROCK. SOme people don't know you can't ROCK unless you play ROCK !
How about REAL musicians posting some AX3000 patches ? I have some to share. Rise up and go forward.
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