So I am either getting an acoustic with solid rosewood back and sides or a guitar with solid mahogany back and sides?

What kind of tones would I be getting with these woods?

Rosewood is warm, mellow, and fat with lots of sustain.

Mahogany bright, boomy, and has super fast attack.
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Really the best way for you to know what they sound like is to go to a guitar store and play one of each.

We can describe them to you, but the best way for you to know what YOU like it to play both of them.
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How are rosewoods highs?

Typically when people say rosewood they mean East Indian Rosewood which has a very nice balance of high end and low end for the people that want to sit around and strum a guitar. People that want to plug in and play live, or record think the high end isn't strong enough to really stand out. Other types of rosewood, like Brazilian, cocobolo, and African blackwood, are all famouse for the strong sparkle in their high end.

Sorry but what is the difference between an anvanced jumbo and a dreadnaught?

A jumbo has a bigger body and a more pronounced waist. A dreadnaught has kind of a squareish body with very little waist. The dreadnought is a good all around guitar and can be used for any style of music. When recording the dreadnought will often times sound too boomy especialy if it's mahogany. Jumbo's don't sound boomy but because the body cavity is so big they do sound kinda tubby. The tonal characteristics make it so people tend to only use it for folk, country, and rythem. There are some people that you it for other stuff, but you don't see it often. So if you want a guitar that does it all you are probably best off with a dread. If you want to record then get a small body guitar like an OM, and if you want to just play rythem or you are looking to play folk or country then get a jumbo.

There are a lot of exceptions to that which is why it's always nice to play the guitar before you buy it.
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