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Digitech Whammy
6 67%
Boss PS-5 Super Shifter
0 0%
3 33%
Voters: 9.
Im looking for a good harmonizer pedal and right now i'm torn between the Digitech Whammy and Boss PS-5 Super Shifter.

Im going for the Maidenesque twin guitar like sound.

Id like your opinons and if anyone has any other sugestions please do say. Thankyou

The Maiden sound IS twin guitars...you won't sound like them with a pitch shifter...you'll sound more like Queen. Or Boston. Or that little lick in "I'm Not Okay" by MCR
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i have the whammy and love it but it has its problems. and for the way you want your sound your better off just doin it old school and jam with a friend, the whammy isnt all that great for harmonizeing unless your in the oct. 4th 5th positions. reason being that say your wanting to harm. in 3rds. you have to rock your foot back and forth depending on what 3rd you want (maj. min.) and as you have said you want a IM kinda sound this will be damn near imposibal. my only sug. would be to check out eventide(sp?) if you got the cash for that kinda equipment.
Well depending on how much you want to spend, Electro Harmonix has the HOG, POG, Micro POG, and Guitar Synthesizers to suit your taste.

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