This is a tube distortion box. It is in brand new shape. I have barely ever used it. My amp isn't good enough to be able to sound good with this box and some scum bag stole my ipod so i need money to buy a new one so that is why im selling it. It is one of the best distorion boxes Ive ever heard but it works best with a tube amp. To hear samples go to the website at www.radialeng.com. It gives you a nice, warm, Marshall sound. I will include everything that the box came with; the instruction book, the power supply, and the actual box itself. This is a great deal. There is not a single scratch or dent in the whole thing. I can count on one hand how many times I have usen it and its just sat aunder my bed for the couple of months that I have had it. If you are intersted just send me a message. Im selling it for 225 dollars. The suggested retail price is 375 dollars. Once again, it is in perfect condition.

new price 200$. once again this is in perfect condition. if you are interested post it and i will post pics.