I am thinkin of putting some 81/85 im my ibanez rg1570, the stock pups are kinda lacking for me because I play mostly modern metal. Is this an easy thing to do? I have no experience with anything like this so your help would be appreciated. Are there any good threads on this site on how to do this. Also, the rg1570 has a single could mid pickup, I am thinkin of leaving this on for better clean tones maybe, unless someone can suggest a very good single coil pickup.

If youre not confident with what youre doing, chances are you might mess something up. How about taking it to your local guitar shop and having them fit it, it cant be that expensive and you know they'll get it right.
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Well I am confident I could do it, its just I have no idea how. I need some kind of guide to do it.
you cant use a passive pickup with the emg's so you have to get eather a emg sa or emg s or emg sv i say get the emg s i have that same setup in my charvel!
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Im sure theres some way he could keep the passive single coil, dont see why that wouldnt be possible. However my guess is, when using it, you could use only that one, probably wont be able to combine.. bridge/single coil or Neck/single coil.
But why not get an EMG single coil? That'd be pretty cool..
Im sure by now youve discovered EMG's complex wiring diagrams, those would be your best bet as far as a guide to the tedious wiring process, and if you havent..


Applies to both the 81 and 85.

I assume your going for the (81/85 Bridge/Neck) setup, which would be your best option I think.
If you find yourself in trouble during the installation, Im sure there would be plenty here to get you out of the woods.
Just dont forget about grounding EVERYTHING =)
One thing isnt grounded, and you'll hear the most pleasant of buzz/screeching you'll ever hear :p Would be nice if you used a soldering iron instead of just twist wiring, and of course electrical tape is always a plus.
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Just dont forget about grounding EVERYTHING =)

Execpt EMGs dont need grounding to the bridge at all;

"When installing EMG Active Pickups, DO NOT connect the bridge ground wire. This wire is usually soldered to a volume or tone control casing and goes to the bridge. This wire grounds the strings and uses them and your body as a shield against hum and buzz. It
also creates a shock hazard. EMG Pickups are shielded internally and DO NOT require string
grounding. This greatly reduces the possibility of reverse polarity shock from microphones and other equipment."

Just thought I'd point that out, as far as installing them yourself as long as your relatively competant with a soldering iron you should be fine.

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