Overdrives are SS clipping meant to simulate an overdriven tube amp. distortion is harsher driving.

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overdrive doesnt have as much gain right?
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Then listen to clips of the Boss SD-1 compared to the DS-1. You'll find that the SD-1 has a more natural sound, similar to that of a valve amp being driven (this is overdrive). The DS-1 is heavier and less natural sounding. This is distortion.

There have been a lot of threads like this, so using the search bar might be a good bet, since my head hurts too much to explain
in lahmens terms, distortion and overdrive are the same thing. Only overdrive is 'softer' than distortion
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overdrive is where a signal from the guitar overdrives the amp and gives you that crunchy sound. i dunno exactly what distortion is...i guess its just very heavy overdrive...or mebe its artificial overdrive...i dunno... try wikipedia
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Overdrive is a term used to describe the sound of an amplifier running at high volume, usually deliberately, to the point where distortion (clipping) is clearly audible in the output signal.