ive never had a distortion pedal before. or any pedal for that matter. but im thinking about buying a distortion pedal, because using my amp gain to distort it makes my guitar extremely sensitive. im looking for something that will be extremely crisp, clear, and cover most, if not all genres. suggestions? btw, i only have about 100 bucks to kill on this.
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$100 will buy you a BOSS DS-1 or an MT-2, which are both pretty good pedals.
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Boss DS-1 hands down.
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Electro Harmonix Metal Muff. Alot of people get scared of the "metal" part, but with a touch of reverb and the right EQ setting this pedal can do just about anything.

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mt-2 is good, might be hard to find "your" sound at first, but once you do you'll love it
Most will say BOSS DS-1, for $40 which will save you $60. It's good for the price; but if you've already saved $100, I say keep saving for a new amp.

Edit: But if you're set on getting a pedal, get the Electro-Harmonix Metal Muff.

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If you're just looking for a basic easy to use pedal, the Boss DS-1 is only $40 and will cover most, if not all genres. But I would suggest that you go to your local guitar store, tell them your budget and try out a bunch of different pedals to see what you like.
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hmmm, ds-1 is the lesser version of the mt-2, the mt-2 just has alittle more gain to it, and a mid/mid freq to it.

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Get a DS-1. It's a great pedal. I you turn up the trebel and bass on your amp, and turn down the Mid, it sounds great!