I get hung up on the sweeps that are on different strings, but the same fret. The first string will continue to ring, any pointers?

Oh, and also some tabs for sweep picking "beginners" would also be greatly apreciated.

roll the finger that's directly above or below the string you're playing onto the next string, and use your picking hand's palm to mute the string you rolled from.

sorry I'm awful at explaining things.
Ibanez RGR321EX
Cheers strat, but that kinda didnt help me mate.

Capn, how would i palm mute the string above it mate?
I kinda understand, you mean like a light p.m.?
well I do it by palm muting the strings slightly when I do an ascending sweep, and using the right- hand side of my palm (underneath my little finger) when playing a descending sweep. It stops the note from ringing out and sounds good.

Palm mute was the wrong term really... sorry I can't be more helpful.
Ibanez RGR321EX
Don't palm mute the string you want to mute. But use your palm to mute the string.
There is a difference.