Now, some/most of you might say Hendrix, hands down, and that's to be expected, but the other day I was driving home from my grandma's house, and my dad and I were listening to John Mayer's continuum album. As track 9 (Mayer's cover of "Bold As Love" by Jimi Hendrix) came on, I asked my dad "which version do you like better, Hendrix's or Mayer's?" and he said Hendrix, hands down, no question. And so my question for all of you is...

Whos version of the song "Bold As Love" do you like better, Mayer's or Hendrix's? Why?
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So I heard you liek profiles?
I absolutely adore both, but I would have to still say that hendrix's is better. I mean just listen to it! Even though the technology of the recording wasn't brilliant and there are probably mistakes in there plentyful, its just a flawless complete and emotive piece that moves me every time i hear it. I mean what other song can you think of that has a section completely taken through two phasers and still sounds somehow fitting and right for the song???
In defence to john mayer though, he does a fantastic rendition of it - my favourite cover of it i think. The thing about john mayer is he's another one of these people that can make a song sound emotive and moving seemingly effortlessly.
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i agree with archerthevman, except i think mayers is better, just because i like the solo more, and i think it just sounds more pollished
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yea john is good and all but still...he cant sing bold as love right, and his guitar sounds weak and puny, have to go with hendrix.
For me, the original is untouchable. I love it so much, and I'm very biased on this but Hendrix all the way.

Mayer doesn't do a bad job at all, but just......no.
The Hendrix version if hands down the better of the two, but
you have to give John Mayer credit for doing the song and making is good enough for people question it