Right, i've been playing guitar for almost 2 years now, and consider myself to be fairly good. I can play some complex(ish,very ish) stuff, mainly by Coheed and Cambria, some System of a Down, Mastodon, Bullet for My Valentine, Rage Against the Machine, etc.

This has probably been asked countless times before, but how do you progress from fairly average playing to pulling off Iron Maiden solos? I know my pentatonics, believe me, but what kind of exercises and periods of time does it take to eventually pull off high speed riffs and solos? Not aiming for light speed shredding here, but lots of songs I still wanna learn (i.e Protest the Hero stuff, definitely!) requires some good finger work. I'm not expecting it to happen overnight, but still wanna know how to get there as efficiently as possible.
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soad isnt anywere near complex for 1 lol i wud no i can play every one of ther songs
n iron maiden solos r easy after alot of practicing them
i got the trooper solo down after goin over it overrr n overrr
n now ive gone from soad to playin more "complex" stuff like children of bodom n i no half of canon rock=) i need to practice my sweeps n stuff its all practice omg lol
i only no 2 scales n i can play iron maiden solos its not necesaty but definatly good to no
ive been playin a 1 n a half n i can play are you dead yet by children of bodom expect the solo whichim workin on dunno if im doin good progress
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It's more a problem of discopline than anything, I have a huge problem with it, I could probably sit down and learn Sea of Lies by Symphony X if I broke it down into smaller parts, slowed it down, and spent around 30 minutes (or more) each day on it. But I don't, and thats why Im not as good as I could be.

So if you want to pull off Maiden solo's I suggest you do that, force yourself too. Slow it down, break into parts, connect parts, and practice. If you can play some stuff by Mastodon, BfmV, and System, you should be able to do some reasonable difficult solo's if you really try.
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The only advice I can give you is just practice. Don't get disappointed if the more complicated songs/riffs aren't coming to you as fast as you expected them to. It just takes time.
pay attention to how you're exactly picking. it helped me a lot, cuz it took me a while to figure out how to hold the pick properly, not to move my entire arm while picking, etc.

read this https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=383822

and i think the chromatic exercises are good for building finger strength. after that, just play a wide range of solos from different types of music to get different fingering patterns down
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