My friends and I were talking about local bands, and my friend starts saying how the guitarist of some band in the Iowa/Illnios/Missouri area has a Pedal that can make a guitar in E sound like any other tuning if its selected on the pedal board.

Someone wanna tell me if there's a pedal that can do this?
How much is it?
I think you can do it with the Line 6 Variax and a POD of some kind.
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Well, I figure if you know just how much to bend the pitch for each tuning, you could do it. But, you would probably get a lot of detuned sounds when you play chords etc.
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id say its a Variax, or maybe a misunderstood account of aWhammy's detune function.
digitech whammy. you can do drop tune, so all the strings would go down a step (so the low e would be D.)
another thing you can do is go to the one octave down setting, which makes the guitar sound like a bass, but sometimes i go like half way and tune my guitar to B. you can do any tuning like that.
someone once critiqued my band, and said they didnt like the "laser guitar effects". i laughed

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that'd be helpful. i guess the fender VG strat can flip from tuning to tuning instantly. but i hear its unreliable.
that is.... it can be tuned to drop D, D standard, drop C, and 2 strange tunings... all simulated by its internal electronics. id like to see if i can set it to drop C when its alredy in D standard see if it would be in drop A#? lol. that'd make metal easier by a long shot.
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Any guitar with a synth can do it, or a Fender VG, Line 6 Variax, or HDX Les Paul. Also, the Whammy can make it sound down a step, but its not really intended for using it in place of actually tuning a guitar IIRC.
Can't the Roland Guitar Synth with the pickup you attach to your guitar do that? I wouldn't know, I just seem to remember reading it somewhere.
I think it'd be the Roland Guitar Synth. The reason being that the pickup is actually 6 pickups, one for each string. This means you could detune each string seperatly through the effect. A normal pickup can only detune all strings.