Well, in my band we do alot of acoustic intros and most of the time i just go on clean to do these but my 5150 doesnt have the best cleans ( didn't buy it for the cleans tho ) so im in a litte need of something.

So i got the ZZounds magizine today, (i have never even been to the site but o well) and i was looking at the pedals and they have a "Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator" ( i would post a link but my internet is so slow today hopfually you can find it.)

"Go acoustic-at the press of a footswitch! choose standard, jumbo and enhacned, or piezo modes, then dial in at the body and top sound you likee, plus reverb. Line and amp outs." (i typed that out of ZZounds magizine)

^ Does anyone have one of these or has ever played one? Need soem feedback there, OR would i be better off just going for a cheap-ish acoustic.

i was thinkin along the lines of THIS. (click HERE <---)

Its got a little paint blemish which is fine for me, i'd rather have something with a little paint blemish then pay full price.

So do you think i'd be better off w/ the Dean or the Pedal.


edit: Or suggest a decent acoustic less than $200 prefered and gotta be LEFTY. and post a link to
acoustic sims are pretty useless, imo. especially the overpriced boss pedal.

if it was my choice, id either pick up a cheap behringer acoustic sim. best, because of its price.

or i would buy a cheap acoustic and clip in a $50 sound hole pickup. (hard to switch guitars during a song tho.

oh, also, rolling down the volume on ur guitar helps with it's "acoustic sound"

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Yea i tried that but i really am after a real acoustic sound. And i thought the sim. was a little pricey, and i dont like BOSS pedals much. Theres 5 of us (Drums, vocals, bass, gutair 1 ( He onyl plays doubles once in a while and after solos so thats why we keep him around ) then me. So i wouldnt mind switching sence he can hold out for a few. So thats not an issue.

I have been looking for a cheaper one, but really i dont want a peice of wooden sh!t. I dont really play acoustic, but im starting to like it over all our heavy metal once in a while. And i wont bother hauling my amp if im going to my grandmpa, b/c talk about boring hell hole you've even been in. NO Tv, NO computer, NO TOILET INSIDE ( kind funny) so he gets out has banjo and we have a good ol time (lol im not a redneck just to let u know)

SO, im thinking for going for an acoustic, anyone else think so??
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I have been looking for a cheaper one, but really i dont want a peice of wooden sh!t.

Then you might have to raise your budget a bit, theres not any i can think that i would recommend with that budget.
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How about a Jasmine acoustic? I have one, a cheap one, that was my first guitar but it is a pretty good guitar. I'll see if I can find one for ya, hold on.


Well, here is a list of left-handed guitars on ebay, I'll look for more, hold on. By the way, I scratch your back, you scratch mine man, go check out my thread again .


This is about all I could find. Yep, that is all I could find, go try one out and see if you like it.
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I could raise my budget a little, but then i'd be short, im buying a SG standard and some EMG's.

I played a simular one at the GC near me but of course they dont carry leftys and dont want to order me one, but do you think the Dean is pretty decent?

edit: Thanks tha'l be great make sure its lefty