I heard the Fulltone deluxe was a great wah pedal but does it do well with mid to high gain distortion? I know it has three settings but I am not sure if one is for better for gain or what. Just wondering before I bid on one from ebay.

BTW I would try it out myself but no store near me carries it.

I wouldnt know about high-gain, my gear doesnt realy allow me to go to high-gain, and also, high-gain is subjective.

I would say it can handle medium gain easy though, it will still do high-gain, but maybe not as well as say an RMC Wizard wah.
I've got a Clyde Deluxe, and it doesn't handle a lot of gain as well as it would handle cleans and a bit of OD.
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if you want wah with distortion get a 535Q. I have one and I can assure you the thing is amazing really!
Once again, if you wanted a Really good wah for higher gained, the RMC Wizard is very highly regarded as one of the best for that sort of stuff. Also, check out the Wah thread, the people there will be able to help you more than likely.