Alright, I'm deciding between the Marshall Jcm800, the Orange Rocker 30, and the Peavey Windsor..Don't mention price I'm really just looking for which would sound the best for me. I play mostly Older to New rock, and a tid-bit of metal


Also, Don't be afraid to suggest a different Amp!
no price range eh??

joy! dumble overdrive special

seriously, jcm800 seems a favourite
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well the windsor is going to be the loudest ( at 120 watts ) so thats omething you might want to consider because 120 watts all tube will kill low flying birds. the rocker 30 is a great amp ( i really like em) and its a hot rodded marshall. the jcm 800 is what a lotta people use and like and you can get it in 50 and 100 watts, can do a lotta different stuff (cleans through hard rock ) and will also be hella loud, you also have to buy a cab for the peavey and marshall
Haha, so 2 for the Marshall at the moment? Or are you saying the Orange is better than the Marshall, but not as versatile. o.O
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Gosh, I'm going to have to go to St. Louis and try out the two then, I'm hearing so many things from so many people..
id have to say orange but its not going to be as loud, i personallly would get the orange for where i play but marshalls are greta too ( actually thinking about building a 36 watt one )
So for my style, Orange by-far? No other kind of Marshall/Other amp would be better than the Rocker? o.O
Would it? I thought all it had was A higher wattage and reverb o.O

Ah..yes it would, more Controls, the only Difference I see is between the 50 and 100 is:

1) Wattage
2) The 50's power tubes are: 4 X 6V6, and the 100's power tubes are : 4 X EL34 / 6L6GC / KT88 / 6550

I'm not much of a tube person, so what would the difference be between the two?

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Go and play them all first, don't just go by suggestions. Just a warning.
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