What kind of wood is the best?I hear rosewood is pretty good, also maple, and ebony is supposed to be really good.Also is their a differencer between a bound wood and unbound, for instance a ''bound rosewood'' fretboard, or just a rosewood one?
i think its like the binding they just put around the edges, like where the fret dots go on the top.
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Bound just refers to the binding around the neck, a lot of gibsons come with this. Almost all my guitars have rosewood fretboards, but one has maple and it feels much smoother than rosewood.
one of my fretboards is Polyfiber, retarded fast and extremely smooth, its spoiling me big time...

another one has a Bubinga fretboard, its super super chunky sounding. unique ones though, i dont see those every day.
my wood is the best...sorry...please no bans

well i really like the maple on my buddies guitar really really really smooth, but they're way too freaking expensive
On what guitar besides a strat that doesnt exceed 600$ could i find a maple or ebony fingerboard?
personally i don't like ebony. I don't think it's as soft as rosewood and not nearly as quick as maple. I think it's also more expensive.

Ebony may give a better sound but I think that'd be hard to test without having a bunch of guitars, not to mention it's probably not enough to notice. I have played les pauls and martins with ebony and rosewood, i can tell you that rosewood feels a lot better. Maple is very quick when it's treated (with whatever they treat the american strats with) and I think allows for more freedom when improving because you can blaze through notes without too much dissonance.
Yeah I like maple alot too.Are there any guitars besides a strat under 600 with a nice maple fretboard?