whats a good exercise to help pick up playing speed? I dont consider myself slow but I cant play even moderately paced songs. Im trying to play Layla from Eric Clapton and Im finding Im not even close to the speed. Thanx for the help, Im sorry if theres another thread on this already.
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only advice i can give you is to practise ur alternate picking.. and just wrist speed in general
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get a metranome (sp) and gradually set the tempo faster and faster...thats helped for me...good luck
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u gotta start slow buddy.......... any lick or piece u play ur gonna need to get the motions down before u an play it fast...... it's sort of like writing with a pen....... wen u were little u could only write very slow........ a while later u could write to the same level but a lot faster........ i find the same is tru with playing my guitar, just go slow and once u have played a piece often enough it'l come out faster and faster while retaining clarity