Getting another guitar in a week that is not coming from the factory with a pickup installed, wondering what pickups everyone is using and would you recommend them? Trying to decide what I want to purchase, help me!
The best pickup depends on how loud you want to play and what amp yu have.

If you have a PA then you will want a Soundboard transducer

If you have an acoustic amp you will want a Soundboard transducer or an undersaddle transducer. Undersaddle transducers don't feedback as much so you can turn the amp up a little more but undersaddle transducers don't sound as natural either

If you have an electric guitar amp or you want to play really loud then you want a magnetic soundhole pickup. Magnetic soundhole pickups don't sound as natural and acoustic, but they do have the advantage of being the least likely to feedback. Also, the impedance of magnetic pickups are going to be a closer match to the impute impedance of your electric guitar amp.
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I have two Martins, one with and one without electronics. I elected to try the Dean Markley Trilogy pickup. I am quite pleased with the sound I'm getting out of an acoustic amp. For the money, it is an excellent sound hole pickup, with an active mic, magnetic and under saddle pickups all in one. Each pickup is individually controlled and once you find the sweet spot, there is a master out. You can install this yourself easily if your not too worried about enlarging the strap button hole. The directions are clearly written. Good luck. Jerry