Ok so i dunno if this is a stupid idea or not, but you would get some kind of effect type thing that goes from your guitar to the amp, and you set the tuning you want on it, and it makes your guitar that tuning, no matter what your guitar is tuned to. For example, if your guitar was tuned to standard, and you wanted it say, open E, then on the effect/pedal thing you would put the tuning to open e then it would play your guitar in open e. or if your guitar was wayyy out of tune, you would plug it into the thing and it would have a pefect tuning. If you guys know what I mean....would that be possible? and if yeah, is it a good idea?
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ya, its all piezo pickups. Look at the technology in the Roland/Fender VG Strat.
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its impossible to do that without some sort of hardware attached to the guitar. Gibson has a new self tuning thingy, where you can pretty much do that, except it actually (not digitally) tunes the guitar. Fender and Line 6 have guitars that have the capability to do the digitally
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You mean a virtual tuner? I don't trust that stuff.
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