Well i got a Zzsounds catalog today (ever tho i'venever even been to zzounds) but anyways i was looking thru it and i spotted this: (CLICK)

Has anyone had some experience w/ this? Is it anygood? And can you ACTALLY get some good "Jimi" tones. Or is it some upgraded wah with Jimi's sig. on it. (like the dimebag wah )

It's got some REALLY good jimi tones, but that's about all it's good for. It's too good at his tone, and the wah is kinda shotty. I decided against getting it, because it sounds too much like him.
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I've never tried the Hendrix one, but I have tried the Brian May one, and that ones friggen' amazing.
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You're not gonna be using it for very long though, you'll grow out of wanting those specific tones, or you'll get a new amp and realise what tone is, or you'll want a new wah and you'll realise how much better it is.

I just think those kind of things are shammy.
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For the same money you can buy a wah and a fairly cheep fuzz pedal that will do the sounds better, you wont get all of the sounds on the pedal but you will have a jimi hendrix tone that is more authentic than that pedal willgive you.

Look at RHCPs sig for a great fuzz pedal that would be perfect for you.