The local music store is the only place that gives lessons in my area. Their lessons consist of you telling them songs you like and they teach you to play them. Is this even a good way to learn? They are like $52 a month 4 times a month and its 30 minutes each.
yes and no.... yes because it teaches you techniques relevant to this age of music. no because you need to know what your playing. i mean that by key, scales, and other things.
No. Any idiot could do that by himself. The only time I have found lessons of use is if you want to learn theory from someone with experience. These guys are just trying to rip you off buddy. I would STRONGLY advise against it.
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why pay $54 a month to get what you get here on ug for free? plus ug has lessons on theory.
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thats how my lessons were initially and I can ask what I wanted. After I figured out how the tabs went I grabbed Guitar Pro 5 and thats where I am now. So far so good, just have to get the speed down. These were private lessons, the guy is good and hes making about $30K/year tax free.