Recently, my music instructor got Garage band and we use it in our lessons.
For the most part, he puts a drum beat on, he picks up his guitar, and lets me play bass.

It makes practice tons of fun, and I find myself able to express myself nicely, in particular because of the drumbeat.

I looked through the sticky and saw a lot of options for recording software, and I'm sure some of those function as looping programs too, but what do you all think would be a good low cost (free - about $50.00) alternative for windows.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated..Thanks
basically any recording program lets you loop any part of the file you are playing
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i was just asking myself the same question.
I was wondering if there are some programs simmilar to garage band, where you've got some drum loops and stuff you can put together.
At the moment i'm using cubase LE, but it kinda sucks to make backing tracks (takes quite a lot of time, especially if you normally don't play the drums)
so is there something like garage band for windows? buying an aple just because of this program would be expencive as hell.
yea, looks cool. but damn, it sucks that you can't save your stuff in the demo version!