is it possible to put a flame top on a strat with the cutaways and rounded edges and such without making it look bad? if so, how?
I know theres a quilted maple top strat for sale by fender and I have a tele with a flame maple top, so yeah its possible.
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you mean like put it on an existing one?

If so, you'd have to route it if you want an actual top, or just glue a veneer on it if you're low on cash or don't have the skills.
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it would be hard to do if you dont have experience at all. i HATE veneering stuff, its a pain to me.

thats all the veneering that ive ever really done nothing more than a headstock. but its a pain to get around it.
You could do it, but unless you have a burst finish, it probably won't look too pretty.