I'm looking to put a killswitch on my guitar. I don't want to drill any holes so I'm just going to switch out a tone knob. The only thing is I'm having trouble getting the actual knob off so I can putt the part inside the guitar through and put the killswitch in. Is it a matte of brute force, or is it my guitar? I'm doing it on a Silvertone SIK-1
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if there is a place for a little allen wrench then you have to loosen it, if not then just pull
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I just took out the nut with pliers, left the knob in the body, and put the killswitch where the hole was. No drilling required.
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not drilling holes is for lazy people.
Just get a small flat-head screw driver and jam it under the knob until it comes off. Two screw drivers will probably be better, one on either side of the knob.