So I've got a problem. I have all of my led zeppelin songs (all of their albums) on one playlist, and some of the albums are louder than others, and it's not just a small difference. Some of the albums I can hear fine at around volume 17-18. The other albums though I can't hear well until they are upwards 22-23 (all these volume values are out of 25). This makes it really hard to listen to the playlist since a song from a quiet album can end and then go to one of the louder albums and be VERY loud. Anyone know what I can do to fix this? I think it may be because some of the led zeppelin albums I have are not digitally remastered ones and are very old ones, while some other ones I have are re-releases and current copies. Would the albums not being digitally remastered cause this problem? And what can I do to fix this? Is there an application I can download or something to make the quiet albums louder maybe?
If you use iTunes, you can adjust the volume.
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That's just because the CDs were remastered at different volumes, I assume.

There's a way on iTunes for you to alter the MP3s to all play at the same volume, can't remember how exactly, but look around a bit and you should find it.
if its itunes/ipod, theres a sound check that you can apply and it keeps it all about the same
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That's just because the CDs were remastered at different volumes, I assume.

Exactly. To fix this, you need to use a program like iTunes or something else that has volume leveling. With that, you can equalize the volume of every track you have on your mp3 player and you can just keep it at the same volume all the time.
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