Hey, I'm thinkin of starting to play a guitar, mostly metal, such as Lordi or Rammstein (I have no prior experience to playing guitars), and I was thinkin of buying the BC Rich Warlock Bronze Series. I dont necessarily want to turn this into my life, but more of as a hobby, and more if it goes well. I have a very limited budget, and this seems to be a decent, or even good guitar for beginners, along with the good price. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome, and thanks in advanced.
I'd go for a cheap Ibanez or maybe an LTD for metal.
dont buy a good guitar

honestly a good cheap guitar thats ounds great are jay tursers

just search for jay turser guitars and but theyre LP

starter pack

its awesome i still play mine

and i have a real LP

and i play it less

and 2 ibanez guitars