There's a band that has written some really good songs. However, I have not found their tabs online. The problem?

They're austrailian. Us U.S. people have usually never even heard of these guys (I only have because of...well, that's not important, the important part is that they aren't widely known).

They are also Christian, which makes them even less known

So that's why I started this thread. To get people thinking about these guys, and hopefully tabbing some of their songs.

Their songs sound pretty sweet whether you like Christian or not; so I recommend that you listen to them, and start making them known by tabbing out some songs.

If you want to hear some of the songs (they're hard to come by, here in the States), then check out my profile.


You can also find some samples at www.sonsofkorah.com
Mate, your main problem isn't that people in the US haven't heard of them, its that people in Australia haven't even heard of them. I would know, I'm an Aussie and I even know a few people that like Christian music and none of them have heard of these.
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Not my Genre or I would. That and I find them pretty basic. Sorry.
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